Builders of Software

Custom made for your business.

Edrupt & Co. are Brisbane & Gold Coast based custom software developers. We design, build and deliver custom cloud based software solutions for business.

Most of our customers are small to medium sized Australian businesses from various industry sectors. With 16 years experience, our small team have delivered across a broad range of technologies from desktop applications to real-time web and iOS apps.

Why custom software?

Every business is unique. Every business has it's own systems, processes and culture. For off-the-shelf software to be profitable it must cover a wide spectrum of use-cases. As a consequence compromises must be made, leaving a product that's good for everyone; but great for no-one. Why change to fit software, when you can have software that fits you? We can build a custom software system targeted specifically for your business and without compromise. Learn how custom software is helping our clients...

Our Customers

“I still can’t get over how good this online ordering is!!”

Nathan, Manager Farmers