Nathan Cowley

“We thought our product was far too complex and difficult for an ONLINE ORDERING SYSTEM, let me tell you… we were wrong! Edrupt & Co. have created, what we thought would be far too difficult and costly, a simplified system to order our “Farmers Product” online.”

“Two things I must rave about:

First. The simplicity for our end customers. I get daily comments on the system regarding its “ease of use” and that “there is nothing else like it in the industry.”

And second. It has by far been the best investment we have made as a small but ever growing company in years. The time and money it now saves myself and the business is second to none. Not only does the system quote/order/track, but also links up with our “CNC” nesting machine therefore no more DOUBLE ENTRIES!!

We simply cannot give enough praise to Edrupt & Co. for creating FARMERS ORDERS ONLINE. Thank-you!”

Nathan Cowley, Manager at Farmers

“I still can’t get over how good this online ordering is!!”


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