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For Carter Capner Law, We are building LawSpace. A service that provides approved private clients with secure on-line access to transaction info, case data and documents 365/24/7.

Carter Capner Law, is recognized as a leading Queensland law firm that has delivered outstanding legal results for 70 years. They are a progressive company with a rich history associated with Queensland, and more specifically, Brisbane.

Internally Carter Capner Law uses a commercial Practice Management System for managing their firm. They needed to provide their clients with a secure way of accessing their own case data and documents online.

Together, we have delivered LawSpace, a service that both sets them apart from their competitors and reflects the forward thinking nature of this historic company.

For Knotwood, We built a real-time web app with Xero integration. Plus an accompanying iPhone app. The system manages their entire workflow from customer ordering to manufacturing, inventory management to accounting.

Knotwood, based on the Gold Coast, are leaders in decorative aluminum timber grain products. They deliver a product of the highest standard and there use of state-of-the-art equipment and processes makes them true leaders in their field.

While Knotwood's manufacturing processes are technologically advanced, their systems for managing customer orders, production scheduling, inventory management and accounting were all lagging behind. They found themselves in a situation common to many businesses. Their use of various off-the-shelf programs, that where never designed to play nicely together, created bottlenecks in their workflow, limiting growth and and increasing HR expense.

As a progressive company, Knotwood knew there had to be a better way! But like most businesses, they were unsure of the full potential custom software could unlock.

We analyzed their business processes and identified key areas that custom software would improve customer usability and production output.

The result? We built a real-time cloud app for managing all aspects of their workflow, both internally and customer facing. We built a web app for managing the bulk of the work load, as well as a custom iPhone app for use on their factory floor. Any data entered by iPhones on the factory floor immediately appears in the web app. Yes, one system, but many users and devices.

We are proud to show the above video that provides just a sample of what we achieved for Knotwood. Get in touch to find out how we can help your business in a similar way. Check it out here...

For a Brisbane based transport company, We built two native internal iPad apps for there truck & forklift drivers.

The company uses commercial transport management software. However communication between their headquarters, trucks and forklifts relied on 2-way radios.

First up we built an app for the Truckies, an iPad app that provided each truck driver with a list of their next jobs and other vital information. Now the Truckies were happy! However a new problem emerged, the Forkies were eavesdropping on the 2-way radio to prepare for the next trucks to arrive; the silence was deafening.

Enter Forkie, an iPad app that provides each forklift driver with a list of trucks soon to arrive in the pit. Together these two apps have streamlined job allocation and reduced delays. Enhanced reporting and information about each job will greatly enhance the companies future business decisions.

For Farmers. We built an online ordering system

Farmers are makers of beautiful bespoke French provincial doors, panels and facades While their kitchens certainly are from another era, when craftsmanship was king, unfortunately their ordering system was also from another era!

With a fax based ordering system, that required loads of double entry, something had to be done. Their lack of an integrated software solution, that removed data entry errors and illegible faxes, was limiting productivity and growth.

Farmers had been working with another programmer for nearly 5 years trying to build a software solution.

With no end date on the horizon, Farmers terminated the partnership and enlisted us. We designed, built and delivered an online ordering system, a leader in this industry, in just 4 months!

In addition the app generates the files needed for their CNC machine. A job that was previously done by hand, took hours, was extremely error prone and required specialized skills.

Read what Nathan from Farmers had to say. Get in touch to find out how we can help your business.

“I still can’t get over how good this online ordering is!!”

Nathan, Manager Farmers

For Meditherm, We built IRIS, a windows desktop app for interpreting medical thermal images.

Meditherm are world leaders in the use of infrared thermal imaging technology for medical applications. Meditherm systems are in operation across the globe with their primary data center in North America.

Meditherm provides an interpretation service by board certified thermologists who are experienced in reading thermograms. To make this service viable, system users need a way of lodging patient data and thermograms for interpretation in a timely fashion. In addition, Meditherm wanted to be able to provide their customers with a dedicated software solution for clinical practice.

Together, we built Meditherm IRIS, the most advanced infrared thermal imaging app for clinical practice. Some of the key features are:

  • Integrated thermal imaging software
  • Region-Of-Interest statistical analysis
  • Computerized Spatial Derivative (CSD) analysis
  • 3D Region-Of-Interest thermograms
  • Bi-cubic interpolation for enhanced image analysis
  • Advanced feature detection engine for auto image alignment
  • Thermal profiles including historical thermal profile charting
  • Professional looking reports including stats & charts
  • Change over time thermal analysis
  • Change-Over-Time charting
  • Region-Of-Interest thermal histogram charting
  • Thermal series support & analysis
  • Patient & report management
  • Patient scheduling
  • SQL Server Database for reliable data management

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